International Priorities

The Global Island: Ireland’s Foreign Policy for A Changing World to learn how we work to promote and protect Irish interests and values on the international stage.

Read our to see how this links with our work at the Ireland in the EU and the trade role of our missions

Trade and Promoting Ireland

Learn about the Export Trade Council and the work of our Embassies in encouraging trade, tourism and investment

Irish Aid

Our aid programme works to address poverty and hunger in some of the world’s poorest countries

Ireland in the EU

Ireland plays a central role in the European Union and held the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2013

Grants and Programmes

We are committed to advancing peace, reconciliation and cooperation on this island, with the Good Friday Agreement as the cornerstone of this work

The Irish Abroad

With 70 million people claiming Irish heritage around the world, engaging with our diaspora is central to our work

News and Media

Visit these pages for speeches, press releases, photos and social media content