Services We Provide

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, including through our network of 80 Missions abroad, supported by 95 Honorary Consulates worldwide offers passport services and consular services to the public.

The Department provides consular assistance to thousands of Irish citizens who encounter difficulties while abroad each year. Predominantly this involves advice and support for citizens who have become sick or injured, replacement of lost or stolen travel documents, assistance for citizens who have been detained, and the repatriation of remains. More information on this role can be accessed under our Travel Advice section or on our Twitter account

Our public offices in Dublin and Cork authenticate circa 55,000 documents annually to ease personal and business activities overseas. More information about the authentication process can be found under our Services section

Some 6,000 Certificates of Citizenship are issued by this Department annually through our Foreign Births Registration process. Applications can be submitted with the necessary supporting documentation by any person with a grandparent born in any part of Ireland or by any person whose parent received Irish citizenship or was deemed to be an Irish citizen prior to the birth of the applicant. More information on this application can be found under the Citizenship section of our website

The Department assists couples getting married or entering into civil partnerships abroad by issuing civil letters of freedom. Over 2,500 such letters are issued each year.

Ireland’s Official aid programme, Irish Aid, aims to reduce poverty and hunger, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where the needs are greatest. By supporting long term development and providing humanitarian assistance in over eighty countries, on behalf of the Irish people, we are helping to build better futures for some of the world’s poorest communities.


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