Foreign Births Registration/Citizenship

Processing of Foreign Birth registration will resume on a phased basis from Monday 15 November.

If the expectant parent is not on the Foreign Births Registrar when the child is born, the child will not be entitled to Irish citizenship.

Applications that have been sent to the FBR team have been securely held and will now be processed in strict date order. At present, due to the complex nature of the Foreign Birth Registration and the pause in the Service due to the Covid-19 restrictions you should allow approximately 2 years for processing of Foreign Birth Registration applications at this time.

Your birth can be entered on the Foreign Births Register if you are eligible to become an Irish citizen. Find out what you need to do before you begin your online application.

Applications will be processed strictly in order of the date that their supporting documents were received in the Passport Service in Ireland. Applicants are asked for patience as we process applications.

Applicants can make an urgent request where they are an expectant parent and where if they are not entered on the register, the child would not be entitled to Irish citizenship.

Supporting documentation must be submitted in support of this. Applications should be made in good time as the Department cannot give any assurances that an entry will occur in time. Urgent requests can also be made where a person may be stateless. This will normally occur where a child is born to an Irish citizen overseas and is not entitled to citizenship locally.

Requests for other circumstances will be considered but are unlikely to be granted due to the high number of other applications awaiting processing.

The contact number for urgent Foreign Birth Registration queries as described above is +353 1 568 3331.

The time range is currently under process. Please note that calls may be recorded for training and quality control purposes.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to process a high volume of calls.


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