Reconciliation Fund

The Reconciliation Fund awards grants to organisations working to build better relations within and between traditions in Northern Ireland, between North and South, and between Ireland and Britain. The Reconciliation Fund operates two main funding rounds each year (in spring and autumn) for 12-month grants. A Strategic Partnerships stream for 3-year funding was also launched in summer 2021.

Autumn 2022 Funding Round (for 12-month funding)
The autumn funding round will open in September. The exact date and timeframe of the round will be updated here in due course.

Further information on the requirements under this round are set out in the How to Apply tab below.

Reconciliation Fund Strategy 2021-2024
Following extensive engagement with our funding partners and others working in the field of peace and reconciliation, a new Reconciliation Fund Strategy was approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, in order to guide the work of the Reconciliation Fund during the period 2021-2024. The new strategy came into effect on 15 March 2021.

The strategy outlines an updated set of funding priorities and criteria for the Reconciliation Fund, to ensure that the Fund supports our vision of a reconciled Ireland and remains relevant, effective, and efficient over the coming years. A summary of these funding priorities and criteria can be found in the Am I Eligible? tab below. Potential applicants should also consult the new Strategy document itself.

As well as setting out overarching themes and priority areas, the new Strategy outlines how the Reconciliation Fund can provide, in addition to direct project funding, Core Operational and Capital funding to support the important work of peace and reconciliation.

The new Strategy provided for the expansion of the Strategic Partnership multi-annual funding stream that had been piloted under the Reconciliation Fund’s previous Strategy. Under the new funding stream, around 15-30 organisations will be eligible to become a Strategic Partner of the Fund, with a commitment to funding over a 3-year period, allowing them to develop a more strategic long term approach to planning their work. The first call for applications for Strategic Partnership under this new scheme was made during May-June 2021.

The Department of Foreign Affairs appreciates that the organisations supported through the Reconciliation Fund have been facing many challenges as a result of Covid-19 and that their capacity to deliver certain projects and events has been adversely affected by the public health restrictions required to manage the pandemic.

The Reconciliation Section is aware that it has not been possible to complete certain projects within the original 12-month timeframe and that many grants are only partly spent as a result. However, through the impact of vaccination programmes and the easing of public health restrictions, this situation should continue to improve during 2022 and allow the pace and manner of delivery of much of the peace and reconciliation work supported by the Reconciliation Fund to see a gradual return to pre-pandemic norms.

Organisations are asked to keep the Reconciliation Fund team updated in relation to any residual impacts of Covid-19 on those ongoing projects. If you find that it will not be possible to deliver some or all planned project activities as originally proposed and within the normal 12-month period from initial receipt of the grant, you should email the Reconciliation Fund team. The team will continue to consider all reasonable requests for extensions and/or adaptations to projects and related readjustments to approved budget lines.

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Strategic Partnerships
In May 2021, the Reconciliation Fund launched a new Strategic Partnerships scheme.

This scheme has provided recent Reconciliation Fund partners with an opportunity to apply for multi-year funding, and reflects the Fund’s commitment, set out in the Reconciliation Fund Strategy for 2021-2024, to partner with organisations seeking to develop a more strategic long term approach to reconciliation work.

The scheme closed to applications in June 2021. The Reconciliation Fund team then undertook an initial shortlisting of applications, followed by a full process of appraisal. Final decisions under the scheme were made in February 2022 and have been communicated to applicant organisations.

It is envisaged that there will be a further call for new applications for Strategic Partnership at a later stage during the lifetime of the current Reconciliation Fund Strategy 2021-24. Further information on that will be posted to this webpage at the relevant time.

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