Data Privacy Notice for the TravelWise Application

Information specific to the personal data being collected

The following data is specific information in relation to the personal data processed under the TravelWise Application

1. Specified purpose:

The personal data is being collected/processed for the purpose of providing travel advice updates for those subscribing to the application.

2. Lawful basis:

Consular Directorate’s legal basis for processing the personal data of subscribers is provided for by the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963.

3. Recipients: 

Púca – third party software provider.

4. Transferred outside the EU: 

No data is transferred outside of the EU.

5. Retention Period:

The data provided by subscribers to the Department is retained for as long as the subscriber to the application remains a subscriber.

After this time it will no longer be retained.

6. Data provision being statutory or contractual obligation:

Not applicable.

7. Automated Decision Making: 

No automated decision making is carried out during the process.

8. Information from Third Party:

TravelWise does not receive information from Third Parties.


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