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Procurement Opportunities with us

We meet the Government policy goals for public procurement and use strict procurement procedures to ensure that suppliers compete for our business in an open and transparent way.Procurement policyShow the panel bodyHow we purchaseShow the panel bodyWhat we purchaseShow the panel bodyPrompt payment policyShow the panel bodyPayments over €20,000Show the panel bodyProcurements over €2m Source:

Procurement Opportunities

Our procurement policies and procedures ensure that we are transparent in our dealings with potential suppliers and the public. This section will explain the types of goods and services we purchase and how suppliers can compete for our business. Opportunities with UsOur procurement requirements cover a wide range of goods and services. Learn more about […]

Career Opportunities

Opportunities with the Department of Foreign AffairsThe Department has specific recruitment procedures. In common with other Government Departments, most permanent posts in the Department are filled from panels of candidates selected by competitive examination. These examinations are run by the Public Appointments Service (PAS), which is the central recruiting body for the whole of the […]