Gender Recognition

The Gender Recognition of Foreign Births Regulations 2017 allows an Irish citizen who has obtained citizenship through entry in the Foreign Births Register, to apply to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for their birth to be recorded in the Register of Gender Recognition of Foreign Births under their preferred gender and names, while protecting the confidentiality of the citizen concerned.

Applying for entry in the Register of Gender Recognition of Foreign Births
If your birth has already been recorded in the Foreign Births Register (FBR) and you wish to have your preferred gender and name(s) entered on the register of gender recognition of foreign births and your preferred gender and, where applicable, your name(s), are different to the details listed on your birth certificate, you must have an Irish Gender Recognition certificate. These are available from the Department of Social Protection online.

If you have amended your birth certificate to include a new gender, you can apply through the Foreign Birth Registration application process.

To apply for your birth to be recorded in the register of gender recognition of foreign births, you will require the following documentation:

Gender Recognition Certificate
Details of your original FBR certificate (date, name, office it was issued from and number)
Certified/notarised copy of details/photo page of current Government issued Identification (i.e. passport)
Proof of address, for example: utility bill, bank statement, mobile phone bill, letter from doctor/hospital, letter from school/university etc. (this is not an exhaustive list).
2 up-to-date photographs.
Once entered on the register of gender recognition of foreign births, a new Foreign Birth Registration certificate will be issued in the name and gender detailed on the Gender Recognition Certificate.

To start the process, contact us by email. Please note that you cannot attach documents at this stage.

Contact us
The Foreign Births Registration Unit can be contacted at the address below, by email, or by calling (00353) 01 671 1633 (Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm). Please ask to speak to the officials responsible for Gender Recognition if contacting the Department by phone.

Foreign Birth Registration
PO Box 13003
Co Dublin

For more information on applying for a Gender Recognition certificate, please click here for information from Transgender Equality Network Ireland.


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