Data Privacy Notice for Accredition Solutions

Information specific to the personal data being collected

The following data is specific information in relation to the personal data processed for vetting and accreditation of events organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

1.       Specified purpose:

The data collected through this application portal is used exclusively for the purpose of performing security vetting and providing accreditation for media events organised by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

2.       Lawful basis:

The Ministers and Secretaries Act 2011

3.       Recipients: 

The information is shared with the Special Detective Unit of An Garda Síochána, in order to complete verification and vetting of media accreditation applications. The data is collected through this portal by EAS Technologies Limited t/s Accredit Solutions. Their privacy policy can be read online here.  

4.       Transferred outside the EU: 

This Data is not transferred outside the EU.

5.       Retention Period:

The data collected for this purpose will be held by the Department only as long as there is a business need to do so in line with the purpose(s) for which it was collected i.e. allowing those who create accounts on the platform to log back in without having to re-enter data in all fields, for the duration of the Department’s use of this accreditation platform. After this time it will be marked for destruction and will be destroyed in line with internal guidelines or guidelines for destruction received from the National Archives Office or associated permissions received from them. Applicants can contact press.accreditation[at]dfa[dot]ie and request that their data be deleted at any time.

6.       Data provision being statutory or contractual obligation:

Information is to be provided by the customer on the basis of performing a task in the public interest. The customer is obliged to provide the information required or their accreditation application cannot proceed.

7.       Automated Decision Making: 

No automated decision making takes place in relation to this data.


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